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Re: 2024 is only a decade away -- are you a gimme, or a dim?

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Working isn't a privilege. It's a right.
Sure it's a right. Everyone has the right to go out and get a job. It gets silly when people start thinking they should have jobs handed to them on a platter.
Nope, and you lose points for using emotionally-loaded language like "handed on a platter". Everyone has the right to have a job that would provide for them. Otherwise, it's not a right, it's indeed a privilege.

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When I started at a package delivery service, I possessed a drivers license and no experience. I told them I could start immediately and was working there the same day.
Good for you. Some people are not so lucky.

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if you're under 26 years) the military is alway recruiting.

It's not about being privileged, it's about not being "picky."
"Homeless? Freezing? Starving? Enlist to kill people! There are always more!"

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It blows my mind that people consider being successful a vice. That we villify the people that make something of themselves because they work hard and have "more" than someone else.

But this constant call to tax and punish the rich? What is that even about?
Yeah, those poor rich people? What they can't get a break?

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You start taxing the rich, putting punitive regulations on them, you know who you're hurting? The middle class.

It's the successful people who open businesses and hire dozens of people and provide jobs. Overtaxing them is just going to stifle businesses, lose jobs and you have less money. It's a novel concept, but the less you infringe upon them, the more jobs they make and the more people you have paying into the system, thus you have increased tax revenue.
Yeah, because it worked so well five years ago. Less regulation, less supervision, less taxes. We all know how it turned out. But I guess people have short memories.

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You think the government is a reliable job creator? They can't even control their own spending because they're too busy putting getting elected over the good of the country.
The fact that the government can spend without thinking about profit is the reason it is a reliable job creator in time of emergency.
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