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Re: I started watching Babylon 5 for the first real time

Slightly off topic but to inverse your sentiments regarding that episode I thought I'd share a funny story.

Back in about '99 I was involved in a social club and had quite a large amount of acquaintances. I slowly started introducing them to the recently concluded B5. I gave them S1 with the caveat that it started very slowly but built as time went on and the usual, "Something that could seem VERY insignificant early on MAY change the universe later in the show, yada yada yada".

With the first couple of people I saw something interesting happen. By the time they got to "Chrysallis"(S1 finale), they were HOOKED and were BEGGING for more. I started an interesting bet with future viewers and myself. I told the next lot of viewers/victims that if they got to the end of the first season and didn't want anymore, I'd give them $100. A few days later, without fail they were on the phone and asking when they could come get the next lot of tapes(this was '99 remember?).

For each new set of people, I upped the amount by $100.00. I eventually ran out of potential viewers when I got to $800, which was probably for the best.

Either way, I look forward to YOUR reaction and thoughts by the time you get to the season 1 cliffhanger! I normally don't participate in the seemingly endless amount of these "I have seen the light and guess what, B5 is actually good!!!1!"(ummmmm, yeah, we know)threads started by every n00b that can scare up a login name and password, but, like me, you have been here for a long time and I can respect your thoughts on the show.
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