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Re: Tyhpon Pact timeline

To put the books into context (I'm placing RBoE, PoN, and ZSG at their end dates):

TYP: Rough Beasts of Empire (February 2381 - February 2382)
DTI: Watching the Clock (March 2381 - February 2382) (Placed after RBoE due to it starting later)
TYP: Zero Sum Game (April 2382 - August 2382)
TYP: Seize the Fire (August 2382)
TYP: Paths of Disharmony (October 2382)
TTN: Fallen Gods (November 2382) (Placed here to keep it closer to Seize the Fire)
TYP: The Struggle Within (November 2382)
DTI: Forgotten History (Framing story takes place in February 2383)
TNG: Indistinguishable from Magic (January - March 2383)
TYP: Plagues of Night (April 2382 - September 2383)
TYP: Raise the Dawn (September 2383)
TYP: Brinkmanship (November 2383)
TNG: Cold Equations: The Persistence of Memory (January 2384)
TNG: Cold Equations: Silent Weapons (March & June 2384)
TNG: Cold Equations: The Body Electric (July 2384)
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