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Working 14 to 16 hours a day and having to do script re-writes on the spot, I can see how such lines could be forgotten or written out. Honestly before joining this site, I never knew sci-fi fans watched so closely or were so anal about such things. I never thought such minor details mattered more that the story within the ep. itself. They never showed a shortage, so I had forgotten the line about not replacing them was ever mentioned.
But VOY as a whole was about the Journey of the USS VOyager tring to get from the DQ back to Earth. So when you view it as a series of 7 seasons and some 174 episodes, these seemingly minor details matter. The premise of the show called out for a more serialised format, they ended up doing a more episodic show. Sure there where the odd nods to arc based telling.

But if we take the concept of Chekhov's Gun. If you show a gun on the wall with 6 bullets in Act I, you would expect that gun to be used later but only have 6 shots fired.

No Voyager didn't do a visual of the gun they made a statement, it is not the viewers fault, for calling them on the fact they ignored they something previously established.

They could have said "We Only have 39 torpedeos" they choose to add the bit about having no way to replace them. They wanted to call attention to that deatail, they couldn't decide on how many crew members the ship had it fluctuated up and down throughout the show.
Did we ever notice or care about:

Trills can't use transporters
Dax is beaming up and down everywhere

Data fights for his rights in order not to be dismantled because: "If I am destroyed the universe will loose something unique that can never be replaced." and is willingly to resign his commission in order to live.
Data blows himself up willingly in Nemesis.

Trek has been forgetting things written and said within it for decades and we've skimmed over it. They've never really shown and storage of much on Voyager, so I can see why they and much of the audience could forget the line about torpedeos.
Transporter tech was improved. We accept that Warp Drive improves between shows so accepting that they fixed that issue is not a stretch

With regards to Data the first was not by choice the second was by choice.

And yes Trek has been forgetting about things for years. And all shows have their pros and cons, continuity gaffs etc...
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