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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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[I] I kind of liked the very end when Janeway asks Chakotay to go boating with her to celebrate her being alive. I kind of felt that there was a little flirting going on between them; with Chakotay’s performance when she was dying, their time together on the shuttle craft when Janeway was so laid back and relaxed, and that finally boating invitation…more likely they are just developing a closer relationship as friends….
Well -- this is the stuff that a gazillion of Janeway/Chakotay fan fiction is based on. "Lake George" is the second Holy Grail of J/Cers, right after "New Earth" (minus the disturbing monkey).

Much more interesting is the line that she utters during her "funeral" -- "I wonder whether Tom and B'Elanna will ever stop bickering and become true friends" (or something like that -- it's been a while since I've seen Coda; it's not a favourite). Take that together with the scene you commented on in Alter Ego -- the one where Ensign Vorik puts the moves on B'Elanna -- and you get a little arc that will make your ears burn in the next episode. :-)

Look forward to reading what you'll make of THAT one ...
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