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Forget the film. But, you should read the book before it's banned.
Seriously? You really think it's going to be banned?

You can buy erotica in Wal-Mart now. I think book banning's gone out of style--except for the crazy folks who try to yank Harry Potter out of school libraries or whatever.
Five thousand quatloos that the guy won't come back to explain his idiotic (and, if you case about such things, insulting) claim.

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If you're a conservative, yes, both installments so far have been very good.

If you voted for Obama and think Occupy Wall Street had a point, no, it sucked.
And if you just happen to be a lover of cinema, you'll realize that those were terrible movies.
Nobody watched or critiqued these movies as just "a lover of cinema." You're deluding yourself if you think your politics had nothing to do with your opinion.
So what is your opinion on the movies, then? Apparently, it will say everything we need to know about you. In your case, the statement might be even accurate.

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Please come to Seattle and talk to the people who want to spend hundreds of millions on a light rail system that will carry only a few thousand people a day.
Really? Great. Give them a medal!
That's nonsense. You know what would solve the problem of traffic? More cars.
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