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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

I hope you all had a good start into 2013. I used the holidays to re-think and re-evaluate the first drafts presented in 2012 and would like to thank everybody for providing constructive criticism, inspiration and support.

Realizing there aren’t that many obstacles to keep these plans “screen-accurate” enabled me to try a different approach – which I think not only works but also does look much better, but you'll be the judges of that.

Here’s Round Two of this blueprinting project and it is just coincidence that 2013 begins with Engineering Deck 13:

In the first draft I tried (too hard) to keep the corridors extending from the corridor circle (surrounding the antimatter pod and the matter-antimatter reactor # 3) screen-accurate which resulted in too many diagonal corridors or turbo shafts within the basic rectangular shape of the ship’s engineering hull.

Therefore my first new approach was to align the corridor - Commodore Decker used in “Doomsday Machine” to get to the shuttlecraft - with the central axis (this inevitably pushed the corridor used in “The Immunity Syndrome” further to the stern but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem) at "3 o’clock".

I was concerned that the turbo shaft (5 o'clock) would push the port side window cabins (6 o’clock) out of alignment but that concern was unfounded: Another look at “Mudd’s Women” and the scene where they entered turbo lift 7 through an “A-frame” on E-Deck 14 or lower (to see Kirk in his provisional quarters on E-Deck 12) revealed that the A-frame should be adjacent to these port side cabins:

Contrary to Kirk’s and Janice’s quarters on E-Deck 12, there is no visual evidence of a corridor intersection between the cabin of Mudd (“3F 125” on E-Deck 13) or McCoy’s in “The Man Trap” (“3F 127” on E-Deck 12) and the adjacent turbo lift on the port side.

I think the port side horizontal turbo shaft, now running parallel to the central axis, is another improvement compared to the first draft.
The angled-in hangar access corridor from the starboard side (“Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”) has now moved to the port side, freeing up extra space on the starboard side for shuttlecraft storage and/or else (I assume the structure overhead in the hangar bay, seen during a short camera pan in TOS “Journey to Babel”, to be part of a shuttlecraft transportation system to lift the shuttles from storage into the bay for flight preparation / refueling or repair / maintenance).

Since E-Deck 12 will soon see the addition of a forward main sensor-deflector engine room, I reconsidered aligning its adjacent corridors with those below.

As a result the outer and long circular bow corridors from the first draft are gone, and the remaining shorter section is closer to the main circular corridor.

Nomad's “top security cell” (Kirk) from “The Changeling” was shot in such a fashion that this (Season Two) corridor can be turned 180 to make it compatible with the Season One corridor, a gift from the DP of this episode I couldn’t reject.

Even for a top security area I felt a medical ward useful and thought of the one from “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. The section with the beds aligns nicely with the adjacent corridor (much shorter now and allowing various rectangular room configurations towards the bow).

Apparently, Charlie Evans’ cell has been reduced in depth, but the only thing that has gone missing is the bed behind the room divider. Strictly technical speaking it should be there according to the original Season One studio set plans, but a) in the actual episode we never really saw what’s behind the room divider and b) in real life you’d make sure that there are no blind spots in a prison cell. I’ve taken the artistic liberty to relocate the bed where you’d expect to find it and in plain sight…
However, there may be good reason to locate the prison cell seen in "Charlie X" elsewhere...

Where I found myself between a rock and a hard place was how to assign the corridor segments with the intersections (i.e. the outer corridor at 9 o’clock versus the main corridor at 12 o’clock).

One should go to “Charlie X” (Charlie’s security cell) and the other to “Dagger of the Mind” (where Dr. Van Gelder knocks down the security crewman), both corridor segments are easily distinguished because of the black (“Charlie X”: or blue (“Dagger of the Mind”: door signs.

Admittedly, the “Science Library” makes lesser sense in the top security area but to sacrifice the only 6’ wide panoramic window on this deck for the “Computer Statistics” room seemed such a crime, that I did rather choose to interpret the indiscernible “Cnmmnter” ( as “Commander” and thus as the cabin (there’s a cabin number below!) of the Enterprise’s head of security during “Charlie X”, possibly a predecessor to Commander Giotto (“The Devil in the Dark”).

The demise of a previous head of security (with a longer name than "Giotto" on that door sign) - there were nine fatalities in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" - would explain the temporary assignment of Lieutenant Cmdr. Kelowitz in this position prior to the first appearance of Giotto. Of course, we'd have one more redshirt to add to the infamous fatality list.

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