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Re: 2024 is only a decade away -- are you a gimme, or a dim?

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There no "special right or advantage" involved. When I started at a package delivery service, I possessed a drivers license and no experience. I told them I could start immediately and was working there the same day.
You were lucky, then. Usually you can't just get a job nowadays by walking up and saying "I've got no experience but I want to work, give me a job". Even if you have a lot of experience and qualifications, people won't hire - or they'll say you're "overqualified". Hence why my old manager took half a year to find a new job.

My mother and uncle both tell me that you used to be able to find reasonable work without much trouble. Indeed, they bemoan how much harder it is for everyone now. My uncle, when he was in school, was offered his first job (a reasonable entry level position) without having to qualify for it - he was told that regardless of his exam results, when he left school the next year he'd have the job. My mother says you could leave a job on a Friday, walk in to a new one on Monday, and if it didn't work out, you moved on. I don't know if my family's experiences back then were typical, but if they were then I can understand entirely why it used to be the case that long periods of unemployment or being unable to rent your own apartment, etc, were seen as signs of laziness or "mooching". But that paradigm doesn't work anymore, or so I'd suggest. If you have a steady job, you're lucky. No-one should begrudge anyone that luck. I think part of the problem here is that "privilege" has come to be rather a dirty word, and I'm not trying to say for a moment that successful people are benefiting unfairly. Only that the economic situation sucks and that relying on the old "if you work hard you'll prosper" argument doesn't quite cut it.

Many people are poor, out of work or even homeless because the economy sucks (which is largely government's fault, I agree). But no matter what the President says in his speeches, not everyone can succeed "so long as they try"...

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Fast food is usually hiring
But does it pay enough to actually support someone or be worth it?
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