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Re: Question about "Ender's Game" book series(s)(?) (NO SPOILERS PLEAS

Christopher wrote: View Post
My feeling, which I gather is pretty similar to the view of a lot of people, is that Ender's Game is the best of the bunch, the trilogy that follows is reasonably good but essentially very different, and the whole Bean series... well, I think I gave up on it after the first book, which I found pretty implausible and not engaging enough to be worth it. It was trying to tell a parallel story to Ender's Game, but that just threw its own inadequacies in comparison to EG into sharp relief. It was pretty well-named -- a mere shadow of the original.
Among people I know, opinion is pretty evenly split on whether Ender's Game or Speaker for the Dead is the best book in the series.

Personally, I prefer Speaker to Ender's Game. (Speaker is also one of two OSC books to bring me to tears at the climax; the other is Lost Boys.) I like Xenocide but I don't love it. Children of the Mind is just there. I think those two books would have been better (and stronger) if published as a single book at half the length.

I didn't like Ender's Shadow, and I dropped the series until I was asked to review War of the Gifts (a missing story set at Christmas during Ender's Game) which was utterly and irredeemably awful.
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