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Re: How to add avatar?

welcome to the board
If this is not too personal a question: from which country are you? (please only answer this if you really want to! It's perfectly ok to keep that information private)

When you chose a name that is already taken, the board will tell you when you try to register. I suppose that happened to you as you added the . after the name.
There is also a userlist. The link to it is in the page header, labelled "Community". There you can have a look at all our names.

My own name is a mixture of rhubarb and rhododendron and was created when a friend of mine tried to type both words very quickly 3 times in a row, heehee.
I'm from Bavaria, btw. This is my second account here. I first registered here 11 years ago, left for a few years and returned only recently by request of my friends. If there is something you'd like to know, please don't hesitate to ask us oldtimers Most of us remember only too well how puzzled and insecure one is as a newbie.

When you get more posts (28 posts and 14 days membership here) you get the ability to send private messages to other members. That's a good way to ask things you don't dare to ask publicly
At the same time (28 posts / 14 days membership) you'll get the ability to use an avatar.

Be sure to visit the redshirt lounge when you have enough posts to enter it. There is one lounge for almost every rank. They are hidden to all other ranks and are a lot of fun. A great way of getting to know other members and making friends. Also, traditionally the lounges are being supervised by the nicest and most helpful moderators
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