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Re: Australians - heat and fire

UPDATE - still no confirmed deaths.

The possible death reported at Dunalley was reported by a firefighting crew who was force to take shelter in their firetruck as the fire passed over them. Just before the fire went over them they spotted a man who was trying to defend his home. There was no way the crew could reach him and later they couldn't see him and reported him as a possible death. However no body has been found and it seems that the man might have escape somehow.

The weather conditions on Friday were very similar to those that occurred on 7 Feb 1967 when fire swept through southern Tasmania. However back then 62 people died, 2000 buildings lost and 264,000 ha ((652,360 acres) burnt in just five hours. As far as the current fire go about 36,000 ha have burnt and about 100-110 buildings lost. I think this shows just how much better fire fighting techniques and equipment are than they were back in 1967 and also how much better the early warning system and evacuation procedures are.

Some very lucky escapes

One extended family on a caravaning holiday was trapped with fires on three sides of them. Luckily they were spotted by a fire bombing helicopter. The helicopter bombed their site time after time with water from a nearby dam until the fire had passed.

One woman holding her 11 month old son had to wade out until only their heads were above water as fire burnt down to the water line.

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