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Re: Starting on Deep Space Nine

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I also got Dax watched last night, and I thought it was a good charcter building excerise, especially given the layered nature of the symbiont.

I've gotten through the Nagus now. I enjoyed the Nagus quite a bit, as far as developing the Ferengi. Move Along Home failed to impress, and The Passenger was ok, I guess.
Dax was a good episode. The "trial" aspect of it did seem kind of forced, but it was a good character development exercise.

The Nagus, was a silly fun episode. And yeah, it did flesh out the Ferengi a bit beyond those snarling trolls we saw in TNG. Rest assured Grand Nagus Zek will be back.

Move Along Home... beyond making fun of the Alamarain dance, there's not much good to say about this one.

The Passenger... I dunno, call me weird, but I kinda liked this one. Guess I like murder mystery episodes and this was kinda like that. Season 1 Bashir is a bit of an aloof dolt, sure... but unlike the other series DS9 made an active effort to make their unpopular character better.
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