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Re: Parles vous Francois? Sprache de Deutche?

Human(-oid) languages:

native language: high German.
learned as a child: Bavarian, English, Latin (fluent in all 3), Czech (only very basic)
learned as an adult: Turkish, Klingon & Italian (basic), Mandarin Chinese (read & write decently, speak little), Dutch (understand all but speak only little - am still fighting with the L pronounciation).
Currently learning French and Welsh and working on improving my Italian and Dutch.

Computer languages:
BASIC, Q-BASIC, Milan, PASCAL, C, C+, C++, PHP, HTML, Java.

I find learning in general easier as an adult than I did as a child. We older ones recognize the patterns and the basic structure, something younger people can't yet. This way older people often get an intuitive grasp of grammar without having to learn the rules explicitly. We know that every language has a smooth flow and when it sounds 'bumpy' there must be an error.
Much the same goes for computer languages: Once you grasped the concept it's easy. You just have to think in 0 and 1 and remember that for a programme there is nothing between both.

Learning vocabulary, on the other hand, gets more difficult with time as the memory is weaker in older people.

Crivens! Reading Haggis' post I realize that I forgot to mention that I understand Scots sufficiently to read and enjoy Robert Burns. And I understand a tiny bit of Irish Gaelic. A side effect of singing in a Celtic Folk band for 30 years

@Davros: Ordnung is massively overrated - remember the universe is ruled by chaos!
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