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Re: 2024 is only a decade away -- are you a gimme, or a dim?

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Providing for yourself is indeed a "privilege"
I would have to disagree, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that providing for yourself is a personal choice, or a personal philosophy. The willingness to do it.

There no "special right or advantage" involved. When I started at a package delivery service, I possessed a drivers license and no experience. I told them I could start immediately and was working there the same day.

About a year and a half ago, in a conversation with a young homeless man, I mention that in the eastern section of the state the harvest was starting. I was curtly informed that such work was beneath him, and that he had a MBA.

Fast food is usually hiring, and (if you're under 26 years) the military is alway recruiting.

It's not about being privileged, it's about not being "picky."

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