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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

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It may also be that Jein simply read it that way (that is, as describing a ship like the Enterprise without it being an "Enterprise class" ship) and simply didn't think it was that important. I have a copy of Bjo's Star Trek Concordance which consistently describes the Enterprise as being Constellation class, which seems to have been an error that slipped in and wasn't corrected in some editions. I'd have to look at my copy of TMoST again to have a clearer context.

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It looks like in Bjo's original Concordance, she indicated that the Enterprise was a "Constitution-class" ship, but she forgot to cite "Space Seed" as its source. For the Ballantine Books version of the Concordance, it looks as if, after being unable to find her source for the "Constitution-class" comment, she just assumed she had simply made a mistake and must have meant a "Constellation-class" from the well-remembered "Doomsday Machine" episode and so she "corrected" the Concordance. By the time the Citadel Press version of the Concordance came out, she had rectified the omission:

"Constitution NCC-1700 The class designation for twelve starships, including the original Enterprise. This is seen on Scotty's technical manual computer screen (SS)."

(Of course, even that citation was a little messed up in its facts. The information was actually displayed on Scotty's technical manual computer screen in "The Trouble with Tribbles" using a graphic that was originally designed and intended for but went unused in "Space Seed"--based upon "Space Seed"'s Scene 44 "Constitution-Class Star Ship" script direction.)
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