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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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in this situation the doctor just came off as an ass.
Dr. Franklin does tend to think he is right no matter what; this does come to haunt him later in the show actually...but don't forget that he did eat the Bagna Cauda in the end!

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That must mean they spend a lot of time exploring small areas of space, and (from what I heard) building new gates periodically.
Sounds about right.

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Is it still supposed to be part of her head, or is it something she wears to look more like she used to? I hope its not supposed to still be part of her head, because it makes no sense because it just sits above the hair, its not connected to her skull.
It is connected to her skull. It looks clearer in later episodes.

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Or did they always plan to change her look (for reasons that aren't very clear) after one season?
The transformation of Delenn was planned out before season one started production. There are some specific reasons related to the plot.
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