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"She was full of hypocritical bullshit" is a much shorter sentence to type, and just as accurate.
Yes,'s not precise. Why should anyone care what I say if I don't say what was BS, or why it was hypocritical? I daresay there are implications in my avatar that most people are not interested in nor political enough to pick up on. But it would be remarkable if there was any interpretation that make my disapproval of Ayn Rand noteworthy. Unless I spelled it out a little.

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Forget the film. But, you should read the book before it's banned.

Seriously? You really think it's going to be banned?

You can buy erotica in Wal-Mart now....

Christians firmly believe that they are being persecuted, that even Christmas is under attack. And that's just a specific subset of the conservative mentality. Yes, very likely he/she is very serious. Books are not banned, however, they just don't get mass distribution or stay in print. Of course, that's always because of market forces.

Fortunately for Objectivists, the definition of "market forces" is rather elastic.

Each student admitted to the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business will get a free copy of the Ayn Rand novel "Atlas Shrugged," thanks to a 10-year, $1.5 million grant from BB&T Corp.

The grant will pay for more than fiction, however. The college will use about half the $150,000 annual donation to develop new coursework that will show undergraduate students the historical foundations of capitalism, how the economic system is viewed today and its future prospects.

The people of this country need regime change here, not abroad.
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