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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

The books sound interesting. I'll check them out when I can whenever I finish the series.

A Distant Star - The Explorer ship is interesting. It looked like it was the size of Babylon 5. The doctor was really annoying in this episode, to the point of being totally unlikeable. I get the joke, it just wasn't very funny. Lots of doctors in media, like other SciFi shows, have done similar stuff, but in this situation the doctor just came off as an ass. It was also annoying that Sheridan, Ivanova and Garibaldi just took it, like they were scared of him. Atleast with Ivanova and Sheridan, if they didn't want to do it, they could have told him where to shove his diet. Its not like he would have gotten them relieved of duty or something for ignoring him, for them it was just reccomendations, unlike garibaldi who probably had the most reason to have to be on a special diet. I don't hate the doctor, but I'd say he's no McCoy or Phlox (thats right, Phlox is my second favorite ST doctor, what of it ) and he's easily the most annoying character of the main cast right now.

The ship rescue story was cool. Its interesting to learn more about B5's take on Hyperspace. I thought it was some kind of wormhole thing, and that they coulkd just leave hyperspace at any time. It makes me wonder how they can explore, since they'd have to travel under the speed of light once they get to the farthest point that a gate exists. That must mean they spend a lot of time exploring small areas of space, and (from what I heard) building new gates periodically.

Also, what is up with Delenns head? The shell used to be part of it, but now its obviosusy just covering the hair, like some kind of accessory. Is it still supposed to be part of her head, or is it something she wears to look more like she used to? I hope its not supposed to still be part of her head, because it makes no sense because it just sits above the hair, its not connected to her skull. I just don't know if its just supposed to be an accessory, or a stupid design. Its not a huge deal, I just kept thinking about it when I saw her. Plus, I just looked it up on wikipedia, I guess Delenn is still played by the same actoress, and stays the same actoress throughout the whole show. Then, why was she in a cacoon? I thought it was to replace the actress. Did she dislike not having her hair out, and they did that so that she didn't leave the show? Or did they always plan to change her look (for reasons that aren't very clear) after one season? Its not a problem, it just seems weird to me. Overall, this was another good episode.
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