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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

When I was in college, we had a brief introduction to AutoCAD (drafting software) in our intro to engineering class. Most homework assignments were to reproduce the lines and shapes in various drawings they gave us, print them out, and turn them in.

I'm now proficient in ACAD, but this wasn't the case 15 years ago and simple shapes to scale were hard for me. So I got to a point where I covered up the info about the course and section number on the handouts, scanned them, printed them out, and turned them in as my own.

Then again, I used to get stoned in the men's room before class sometimes, so it's not surprising I wasn't too quick on the uptake.

Speaking of the men's room...I was in a bar and grill sort of restaurant in a touristy town in Vermont during Columbus Day weekend when I lived there. Right in the prime of leaf peeper season. I walked into the men's room and tapped a kidney. When I flush the urinal, water starts backing up and spilling onto the floor. For some reason it didn't drain and wouldn't stop filling.

I walked back to the bar, and nonchalantly told the bartender, "I was just in the men's room and it looks like one of the urinals is backed up. You might want to send in someone with a mop and bucket."

General panic ensues, and most of the staff is freaking out. Mop guy walks out and the manager asks how is it. The reply: "It's not good." They then put up an out or order sign and an orange cone by the door. They're freaking out how this can't happen on their busiest weekend, and I'm casually drinking a pint of ale, just taking it all in.
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