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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

DalekJim wrote:
They've even found a way of getting the characters out of uniform. No doubt because the TOS uniforms are seen as too nerdy and they wanna aim for that wider audience .
Honestly, it feels like this film is doing just about anything possible to distance itself from resembling Star Trek.
You should go to Washington DC and work in politics as a spin doctor. You can take any situation and spin it in such a way that meets your purposes (or your pre-conceived notions).

If someone has an agenda to show how Abrams is crapping all over established Star Trek history, they will find fault in every tiny move Abrams makes by spinning it to suit their agenda.

King Daniel wrote: View Post
Remember the poster for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, which had "THE VOYAGE HOME" in huge letters with a tiny "star trek iv" underneath it, AND Kirk and Spock in civvies? Clearly they were ashamed of Star Trek as well!
That's the way, Daniel.
You DO understand the art of spin-doctoring.


It isn't that hard to dig down and find problems with just about ANY Star Trek Film or TV show.

Heck, I think If TWoK was never made in 1982, and Abrams made it today instead -- shot for shot, word-for-word, even magically using the same actors as TWoK -- people who have this "thing" against Abrams would call him a hack for totally screwing with the character of Khan, saying things like:

"The Khan in TWoK is totally unrecognizable as the same character from 'Space Seed', except for the fact they were both played by Montalban"

And that would be a true statement. If Nick Meyer back in 1982 didn't use Montalban or call him "Khan", it would be very hard to see him as being the character from 'Space Seed'.
Some parts of the Star Trek fan base today would crucify Abrams for changing an established character like that.

It would probably go something like this:
"Abrams and his writers are hacks. They took the hyper-intelligent ruler of billions who has a focused and
calm mind from 'Space Seed' and turned him into a madman hell bent on revenge. What happened to his
focus of mind? How could this raving lunatic have ever been a ruler of billions?"

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