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Re: why is s6 > s7 ?

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Honestly season 7 just seemed to be obvious they were running out of ideas, so they just started throwing random things out there that really didn't make sense.

Hey, let's have Worf and Troi hook up!
I agree, that one was silly and implausible imho. (Although they did do some build up.)

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Hey let's make Troi a command officer!
Not extremely implausible, imho. I could see how she'd want to 'stretch herself a little'. Of course, whether she could become a command officer that easily is another matter.

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Let's have Wesley become a Indian seer!
Not quite that, he went to study with the Traveler. And special insights in the relations between space, time and thoughts were already accredited to him in early s1, by that same traveler. As for ascending into semi-godhood, well, he wasn't the first in Trek...

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Let's give Data a Mom.. wait it's Robomom!
Well, perhaps she shouldn't have been his mom, but the concept of an android that never new it was an android, but thought of itself as human, was OK by me (even if somewhat silly).

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So yeah... then throw in the just bad episodes like Dark Page, Phantasms, Force of Nature, Sub Rosa, Emergence and the such and yeah.... not season 1 levels of bad, but it wasn't as good as six.
On those I agree, with the exception of Phantasms, which I find a nice creepy episode about nightmares.

But... are these examples really more 'random' than turning the command officers into children, Riker meeting his duplicate because of a transporter accident, Beverly suddenly turning into a detective, or suddenly giving Picard a covert espionage mission and let another captain take command of the enterprise -- just to mention a few things that happened in S6). Not trying to be argumentative, just trying to understand the difference.

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Yeah, in the TNG365 book, Moore acknowledges that the writers were all running on fumes by the 7th season, and had to resort to bringing in long-lost relatives of the crew-- which is always a sign that a show is running out of ideas.
Ah, so I gather that in essence, the writers have admitted so themselves, and the perception of that has since spread to the general audience. I also agree that we see a lot of family members in S7 ...
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