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Re: Atlas Shrugged

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I think the funniest thing to me is that there's a movie in 2012 about how trains will save the economy. Trains.
High speed rail is doing wonders in China. Of course most of it was constructed by the government from force technology transfers. I doubt the Randians or their Goddess would be very excited by that.
Ayn Rand was a writer. That means copyright was her bread and butter, which meant that her philosophy/economics/politics put supreme emphasis on intellectual property laws, even though economic history reveals the key role played by the spread of technology despite such laws. The notion that capitalism is perfect holds no water where her checkbook was concerned, though. That's why her characters were drawn as actually doing "creative" work, even though the number of inventors who got rich is minuscule.
"She was full of hypocritical bullshit" is a much shorter sentence to type, and just as accurate.
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