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Thoughts on "Descent"

I just watched "Descent 1 & 2" for the first time in over ten years. At first there were a few nitpicky things I noticed, like why are the episode's cast and director credits in the teaser before the main title, instead of after?

Then, Data asks Geordi to help him override holodeck safety protocols to perform what is essentially a live-fire training exercise, but LaForge refuses. Are two officers also required to disable protocols for simple athletic or sports exercises?

When the Borg invade the bridge, it sure is lucky for us that Riker is only briefly stunned instead of seriously injured or killed in the aggressive firefight.

But in Part 2, I stopped making notes as I got drawn into Brent Spiner's performance. There's a third character he's playing that we never notice. It's the Conflicted Data, halfway between the extremes of Data and Lore, and there are behavioral traits from both in him. Spiner manages to keep all three versions distinct.
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