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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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Okay, so part two is confusing me. What's the deal with elderly Spock? Given the lack of goatee, references to the Federation, Starfleet, Kirk being a good man, and that the Terran Empire is something from an alternate reality he once encountered, he's obviously not from the MU from the other Trek episodes. However, he can't possibly be Spock Prime either, can he? After all, if he were, than how the hell could Nero be in this MU's Rura Penthe and killed by Kirk last month? My guess is this Spock is supposed to be from another universe similar to the Prime Universe.
That was exactly the way I read it. In another universe similar to the Prime universe, events happened (probably like Countdown) that led Nero and Spock to tumble into the past. But instead of coming out in their own past, they came out in the Mirror Universe's past.

This may suggest that the 2009 film isn't a time loop like "Yesterday's Enterprise." If Nero and Spock could end up in the Mirror Universe's past, they could just as easily have ended up in a different Prime-like universe's past as well. That's not a reading of the film I particularly care for, but it's now a valid and justifiable one.
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