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Lol - yes and Roddenberry would be especially happy with NuTrek if it garnered him some more attention from the laydeez. Admittedly, a fair amount of Trek science was nonsense for storytelling purposes but I'm not wholly convinced that the basic level of the inaccurate science in NuTrek should be let off so lightly.
It's no worse than Genesis. A tiny torpedo that somehow has the magical power to transform an entire planet in minutes and create life with godlike ease? (I read the book before I saw the movie, and I was expecting a huge missile-like device, so when I saw this dinky little thing in the movie, I thought it was ridiculous that it could conceivably contain enough power to have effects on a planetary scale.) Not to mention somehow being able to create an entire planet, and possibly even a star, out of a nebula when it was never programmed to do anything of the sort? That's probably the most ludicrous, sheer fantasy idea in the history of Trek movies. Not to mention the whole Sha Ka Ree/center of the galaxy thing in ST V, or the Nexus in GEN (which supposedly orbits the galaxy in a matter of decades despite travelling slowly enough to be intercepted at impulse), or the magic fountain-of-youth rings in INS, or the particle-of-the-week weapon in NEM. Trek movies have never been all that scientifically credible. Even TMP, which had an actual NASA rocket scientist as its technical advisor (not to mention Isaac Asimov), had some fanciful elements (like the whole "higher levels of existence" thing, or the question of how you fit a cloud multiple AUs in diameter inside a warp field).

One thing I've noticed repeatedly over the years is that fans are always less forgiving of problems in the most recent Trek incarnation that are no worse than equivalent problems in earlier incarnations. A decade ago they were doing exactly the same thing with Enterprise. It's just that they've had more time to get used to the errors and flaws in the earlier stuff, to gloss over them in their minds or learn to forgive them, so the newer errors and flaws stand out more. But looked at objectively, they're really not that different.

What a shame that we are just going to get some one-shot origin stories leading up to the movie. That's a long time to wait for some proper stories to start up again.
How is a one-shot issue not a proper story? If anything, they're increasingly a lost art in comics today. And getting flashback stories to fill in the backgrounds of the supporting characters strikes me as a good supplement to the first movie, which did the same for Kirk and Spock. Anyway, it's only about five months.
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