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Re: Yet another list of Top Starships

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I like the C, but its a TV show one off.
Technically, the Enterprise B is a one-off as well. Surprised they didn't go with the Excelsior instead. It's more recognizable.
Perhaps to the die hard fans but who else would really know the Excelsior?

Star Trek for the vast part of it's 47 year history on the screen small and large has been about the U.S.S Enterprise
Me and a guy at work were asking each other Trek related questions once. Me being the Trekspert and him being the casual fan he was trying to stump me and I was trying to ask him something he would know. I asked him what was Riker's previous posting before the Enterprise, he answered the Excelsior. I gave it to him, since the USS Hood was Excelsior class.

My point? Casual fans can recognize the Excelsior.
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