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Re: Cover and blurb for TOS: The Weight of Worlds

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Apologies if this is an inappropriate thing to ask (if so just ignore) but I remember from another thread recently some discussion of a Spiderman novel, ostensibly set in the comic book continuity being written with the movie series very much in mind. I'm curious if something similar is the case here?
That's not exactly right. What those of us who wrote Marvel novels for Pocket were told (at least by Marco, for the books he edited in that line) was to approach them with the sensibilities of a movie, i.e. making them standalone stories accessible to a general audience and not worrying too much about comics continuity (though some of us did tie closely into the comics anyway). It wasn't about referencing the specific continuity of the movies at the time.

The approach of Pocket's TOS novels these days seems to be just telling classic TOS-style one-and-done adventures.
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