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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Back in the days when there was only TOS, Spock was by far the most popular character, the one who overshadowed all the others in the eyes of the public and many of the fans. But Spock died in TWOK, and the DC comics that followed had to carry on without him; even after he was resurrected, DC had to keep him marginalized for the most part because they didn't know where the studio would take him in the next film. So for several years, the TOS comics proceeded without Spock. Yet they still told worthwhile and engaging stories and found a way to adjust to the change. It helped that Spock's legacy (in the person of Saavik, and in the ways his friends and colleagues had been influenced and affected by their interactions with him) was still a strong part of the stories, even without him being physically present in them.
Except those of us that were huge Spock fans, didn't read those comics. For us they were neither worthwhile or engaging. This is the whole point. Everyone, everyone has a deal breaker. I am not trying to say the comics were badly written, nor that they didn't have people that liked them. What I am saying is that there are those of us that would have never gone to another Trek Movie, if Spock had not been brought back in the "Search for Spock." It was a deal breaker for a lot of people. I donít want to read how characters are dealing with the loss of another major character. I hate those kinds of stories.

The death of Data was not a deal breaker for me, but the deaths and exclusions of both Spock and Janeway were exactly that.

I told Kirsten that I would purchase all of her books if she wrote one bringing Janeway back, and I did that and I've read all of them but one. There is one that I just can't, try as I might get into and I've seen it praised here. I am glad you guys liked it, but for me it is wrong. I don't like the plot, and I don't like the action.

Maybe if I take this out of the realm of Trek Literature to say this in another way. I used to enjoy Orson Scott Card. I liked the Ender books and I liked the first couple of Alvin books but the deal breaker for me was "Lost Boys." That book hurt my heart and I found that I couldn't read any of his books again. It was a story about dealing with loss, and it was a deal breaker.

I wish you and others could understand this, I know books about Voyager characters without Janeway, can be written, that appeal to some people. But they cannot be written (and this applies to everything written), that appeal to everyone. Books are categorized for a reason, so that their intended audience can find them, and others can spend their hard earned funds on something more to their taste.
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