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Re: I finally saw Grenn Lantern, not as bad as I expected.

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Green Lantern was just mediocre like so many big budget blockbusters.
For me, GL wasn't a bad movie at all; it was flawed, but reasonably entertaining. It just had the bad fortune to come out in the same year as three really brilliant superhero movies, Thor, Captain America, and X-Men First Class, so it felt inadequate by contrast. If a film with this same story (though obviously less advanced VFX) had come out earlier in the decade, at a time when we had some good movies like the first two X-Men or Spidey films and Batman Begins but also a lot of weak ones like Catwoman and Elektra and Fantastic Four and Ghost Rider, I think it would've been regarded as one of the better superhero films. It's just that the bar has been raised so much in the past few years.
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