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Was this a good movie?
If you're a conservative, yes, both installments so far have been very good.

If you voted for Obama and think Occupy Wall Street had a point, no, it sucked.
It seems that if you are someone on the FAR Right, desperate to grasp ANYthing that supports/glorifies your point of view (Also see: "Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fake" and "Obama is a Muslim who brings his dog along on trips in a separate plane" (Yes, I was lucky enough to have THAT interesting discussion with a relative over Christmas!!...)), you probably thought that this movie was great.

If you are one of many on the FAR Left, you wouldn't have needed to have seen the movie in order to have decided for yourself that it was a piece of steaming crap.

On the other hand, as Mirrorball Man has stated, the majority of people without an agenda who simply went in to see a movie thought it was quite lacking.

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