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Shazam, in their help index there is a link to a help-chat where you can talk with a real person. I've tried that recently because of a lost shipment. They are very nice and helpful. I recommend you try that.
Go to customer help (this is the British link. If you ordered from amazon in the US replace the by com, for other countries use your respective country code) and there on the right side of the page you'll find a section 'self service' with a yellow field saying 'contact us'.
After having clicked it, you will be asked to log on with your email address and password. Next you get shown a list of your recent purchases where you chose the item in question. Next you chose the nature of the problem from a drop down menu. At the bottom of the page you then get 3 options: contact by email, by telephone and by chat. If you pick chat, you'll be connected to their help team.

Even if you get charged a different price (which I think unlikely as they already charged you and then don't charge twice unless by mistake), you can always return the item and get a refund.
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