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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

oops...I think I just fainted or had a stroke. Marvellous, beautiful, fascinating!!! Somebody call CBS Digital and tell them we have the artist who can really make sure that we get a really great and new TOS-R version.

I guess we still don't have an accurate clue what the text on the white shuttlebay signs shall be?

Suggestion: I already contacted the gentleman at who seems to may have the answer what the actual text might be, but I never received a reply. However, if you were to forward him your excellent CGI recreation, he might feel inclined to share this information with us as he can clearly see that this is a work of love and passion. Just an idea.

Could it be that the actual ceiling beams are a little stronger than these appear in your CGI recreation? I also see that the "aztec" pattern on these beams is currently missing, but I presume this will show up in the final version?

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