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Re: 2024 is only a decade away -- are you a gimme, or a dim?

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... or are you a privileged person with a good job ...
Well it not really a matter of being "privileged," having a job and being able to handle your own affairs just makes you a normal everyday person.

My father was a jet engine mechanic and later in management. But he alway maintain a commercial drivers license (truck driver) just in case he ever was out of work in his primary field. That way he would be able to care for his family without taking handouts.

Seattle does not have sanctuaries in the form seen in the episode, but the homeless are encouraged by the city police to stay in certain areas. We have a "tent city" too.

I have worked in church volunteer kitchens and you could alway tell which of the homeless guys were going to get back up on their feet in a short period of time, taking charity made their skins crawl. They would look at the jobs board before coming for the food.

Many of the people in the Trek sanctuaries would have been individuals with substance abuse and psychological problems. And there would be people who simply don't want to provide for themselves. But there would also be people for whom the sanctuary would be a brief stop, a place to catch their breath, before re-entering normal society.

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