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The way DC chose to do things has nothing to do with how Bad Robot chose to do things.
Especially since DC repeatedly wipes out its entire continuity, ALL THE FUCKING TIME. They don't let three or four years go by before they do some damned 'Crisis' that resets everything back to square one. And they keep doing it. There was Crisis on Infinite Earths, then Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, Flashpoint, New 52, ad nauseum. So they don't have the chance to build up anything meaningful anymore, because we all know they're just going to reset the whole damned thing again.

Nothing about the Abramsverse is even close to this level. That timeline can coexist with the prime one; can't say the same thing in DC, not by a long shot.
That's what parallel Earths are for. One upon a time DC's Golden Age continuity ( or a reasonable facsimile) existed in a parallel universe. With an infinite number of universes out there, all of DC's various continuities can co-exist.
The parallel universe system is based on the many worlds theory - which states that for any possible outcome of every wave-function collapse, a new 'world' is created.
Which means that any possible course of action happens.
Which in turn means that any decision the DC or Trek characters - or you or I, for that matter - make is meaningless; it's not a choice but a 'world' (existing alongside ALL possible worlds) you just happen to be in, before you again are fragmented into countless universes at the next wave-function collapse (the next thermodynamically irreversible quantum event - which includes every single choice).

PS - The many worlds theory manages to solve the measurement problem only if for EVERY SINGLE wave-function collapse possible outcome, a new 'world' is created.
If, even for one such wave-function collapse possible outcome, a new 'world' is not created, the many worlds theory doesn't solve the measurement problem any longer - becoming useless as an explanation.
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