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Re: Haven: Season Three (Discussion, Spoilers)

Just caught up on this show, mostly out of curiosity. It's not bad, though not great either. I was expecting it to be a little spookier due to the Stephen King connection. As a Mainer I'm glad that they actually film this in Nova Scotia, which looks a lot more like Maine than Syfy's typical location, Vancouver, does.

I actually find Duke to be the more entertaining of the three leads. Though when Duke found out he was a "trouble slayer" I was really hoping he'd make some kind of Buffy reference (Eric Balfour had a prominent guest role in the pilot episode). I was kinda disappointed when he didn't.

I found Nathan to be kinda boring in the early going, but he's gotten better. Audrey's pretty interesting, too. I hope they have an actual plan in mind for her and haven't just been making it all up as they go.

Oh, and as an Uncharted fan I got a kick out of the most recent episode, with Nolan North and Emily Rose reunited.
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