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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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Well, the opening scene of part 1 (which I read in the online previews) did have Scotty say that there's an infinity of different timelines. Clearly the MU in this comic isn't meant to be the same MU from canon, since if it were, the Enterprise and the uniforms would look like they did in "Mirror, Mirror." It's supposed to be some other alternate timeline that corresponds to a Mirror-style counterpart to the Abramsverse. So yeah, I guess it's supposed to be some alternate Spock as well. (Which is only going to feed the convictions of those people who assume the whole Abrams continuity is an alternate history including the destruction of Romulus.)
Yeah it's an alternate Spock from alternate Prime - we'll call this one the Prime universe where Harry Kim died.

I thought it was funny how he mentioned the supernova that threatened the Galaxy again. That cracks me up every time.

I saw a documentary about Trek's origins and how Roddenberry wanted Trek science to be rooted in reality. I bet lines like that have him orbiting in his grave!
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