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Re: I finally saw Grenn Lantern, not as bad as I expected.

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Amanda Waller is supposed to be fat, dammit! You don't see them making her thin in the comics, do ya!!!

(irony intended)
Irony noted.

Some supervillain killer tracked nuAmanda down to her aunt/mothers house who looked exactly classic Amanda Waller... It's possible that there are too "Walls" who worked government black ops, one now and one in the 80s when it was interesting, because Waller senior had a safe-room full of guns in her house.

Maybe the older Wall will come out of retirement and show this slim kid how the job is really done?

The Giffen Suicide Squad from ten years ago (Which was fantastic.) had Amanda Wallers daughter as an operative/handler on the Squad, who looks just about like how the nu Amanda does now.
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