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Re: Atlas Shrugged

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It has Armin Shimmerman in it for a few minutes.
Which is interesting, considering he voiced Andrew Ryan, who, besides having his name derived from Ayn Rand, was the founder of Bioshock's underwater city where he tried (and failed) to establish a sort of objectivist society.
I did not know that. Hm. [/Johnny Carson]

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I have never seen any of the Left Behind movies although I admit I love the books. The ones that aren't prequels, anyway.
Don't those books end with a giant superhero Jesus arriving on Earth and incinerating millions of Jews/Muslims/Atheists etc?
Millions of something, yes. Not Jews or Muslims. The only people killed in that scene are worshipers of Nicolae Carpathia, i.e. the Antichrist. Conversely, many of the main characters who survive the whole thing ARE Jews or Muslims.
Actually, the only ones who survive in that book are the "RTC"s. The Jewish and Muslim people either miraculously convert to Jesus (oops! He IS the Messiah! Oh how silly of me to adhere to my faith out of some sense of love and devotion!), or die. Believe me, I have the entire collection in hardcover and on disc, and I can pull it up quickly.

In the final pages of the book, Jesus massacres millions upon millions of people on his "left", and that's after all of the global judgments where billions of other innocents are brutally killed by plagues and other bowls of wrath inflicted by said god. The book states that those with the mark of the best are destroyed. The mark of the beast, of course, being the mark put upon people so that they could buy and sell. You know, make money so they can eat and have a place to live.

"The Glorious Appearing" is anything but, and the Jesus portrayed there is a psychopath. Fuck that guy.

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