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Re: VOY Caption This 97; Sense and Sensibility

TFTW Ln x!

I've been urging you for years to join me in spiritual communion. One weekend with some aliens, suddenly you're into tribal tattoos and shaman trances. The hell?

Janeway: This is not about you. It's about me.

Chakotay: Quelle surprise.

Kellin: I'm on a Talaxian diet.
Chakotay: You only eat Leola root?
Kellin: I only eat Talaxians.
Chakotay: You're a week too late.

This table looks just like the one in my holoprogram "Bondage Babes of Boreth." The monks strap you down and film you from underneath.

I know.

What did you say it was called?

I hope father was wrong. There must be a man out there who can stand my Feklar's morning breath!

We were hoping you'd promote one of us to First Officer. Look how wooden we can be!

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