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Re: Critical care: Satire on socialized medicine?

An imperceptibly higher tax rate, which could even be a perceptibly higher corporate tax rate, because: fuck those guys.

The Doctor was fantastically irresponsible in accepting scarcity and managing resources.

The administrators were unbelievable dense in how they utilized a resource like the Doctor.

They put him to work in a single hospital.


Good one.

Despite what happened when Harry tried to make an EMH from scratch, they could have and should have mass produced a more amiable version of the Doctor, until THEY DIDN'T NEED TO PAY FOR DOCTORS, NURSES, JANITORS, ANYONE ANY MORE... And the government could afford health care for everyone.

Of course with such cheap slave labour suddenly available, it would spark off a depression since no one could get a paying job that isn't already staffed by a hologram.
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