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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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^ Fun to hear about this, TD. I also remember Nixon quite well. My oddity is that I thought Exxon was his company and that he still owned it while being President. I'll never forget that New Yorker magazine front cover that showed a caricature of Nixon hanging himself, holding his own noose. Anyway, I didn't know anything about Doug Little before. Apparently he crafted that piece in 1982 for Lincoln Enterprises (Roddenberry's notorious Star Trek memorabilia stint). Just checked out the large resolution copy. Really great detail in it.
That's a great story too....Exxon....LOL! Immediately reminded me of Mel Gibson's line in Lethal Weapon 3 where he was using his mouth to siphon gas and got a bad taste of that brand!

Yes, Doug Little did a really great job with that.

I still laugh about the Nixon bio movie starring Lane Smith....when he raised his arms for the dual peace signs, he got the rumpling of the suit jacket just right!
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