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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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Incidentally, what's the story behind your use of Nixon and why Spock has steam coming out of his ears?
I was born two weeks after The City on The Edge of Forever was first broadcast. Nixon is the first president I remember. The thing is, especially after Watergate, adults around me at the time called him 'Tricky Dickie' more than anything else and as a little kid I thought that was his real name. When I first signed on here, ten years ago this week, I was trying to decide on a good screen name. I remembered Spock's line in Star Trek VI...."Only Nixon could go to China." So, that's what I chose. A bit later, I came across Doug Little's wonderful piece of artwork that he created in 1982 of Spock mindmelding with Nixon....steam coming out of Spock's ears because he is overloaded by all of the weirdness rattling around in Nixon's head. Made the perfect accompanying avatar!

And, I can be tricky at posting the photo last year of the Enterprise saucer that wasn't that at all. Just like to keep people on their toes and make things fun and interesting on occasion.
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