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... the Utopian society that was often touted on TNG seemed to rely on people doing not much more devoting their lives to bettering themselves and expanding their horizons all for the sake of creating a better society. I find it hard to believe that there would not be a certain percentage who, frankly, don't really want to expand their horizons and don't really care about working at making the world a better place (maybe some of them would want the world to be a better place, but they may not necessarily want to work hard at making it that way).
Bloody free-loaders!

Again, I'm being more nitpicky more than anything, and I have no real problem with TNG's depiction of the future, considering it is only a fictional TV show. However, I think a more realistic version of the future would include people with basically the same motivations (and the same personal foibles) as we have in our society today.
Well I agree with Greg that perfection is probably unobtainable, but I see significant room to move the bell curve in that direction. Moreover if the means of production becomes increasingly automated we will have to face these sort of problems, possible well within the next 300 years.

I DO think future society as a whole will be better -- at least I think it will be more inclusive and tolerant, considering we have generally headed in that direction over the past several centuries. However, I think there will still be a certain percentage of people who will buck societal norms. TNG seems to want us to think that part of Earth society does not exist, and I just find that hard to believe.
I suppose they could sell them to the Orions? No, I guess not. I don't know if it will be necessary for everyone to better the human race. Just so long as that's in the policy mix so to speak. I will try to look out for those issues next time I watch TNG.

Again, I look back 200 years and see humans acting much in the same way we act today -- in the "basic human nature" sense. I think people in the future will also (basically) act much like we act today. Frankly, some of the depictions of TNG's future seem so unfamiliar in a human sense that their world sometimes seems creepy to me -- something like out of the Stepford Wives.
Well, as I said, a lot of changes have happened over that period and while our minds might be the last frontier (or one of them) I don't think the past will be a guide to the future in that area. But as you imply, its a moral mindfield.
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