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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Well, it's more in line with my own personal taste of what constitutes great science-fiction than the direction Abrams is taking things with Into Darkness.

They've even found a way of getting the characters out of uniform. No doubt because the TOS uniforms are seen as too nerdy and they wanna aim for that wider audience . Honestly, it feels like this film is doing just about anything possible to distance itself from resembling Star Trek.

Which has, if I am to believe people in this thread, been entirely terrible since TNG because the following shows got low ratings. Even though TOS got cancelled because of it's shit ratings faster than ENT did. Even though TOS only became the popular phenomena it is because of the dedicated geek fanbase we're now supposed to pretend don't matter just to tow the studio line.

Yeah, apparently our opinions matter less than some popcorn guzzling casual that can maybe vaguely remember "Dr. Spock" dying in Wrath of Khan because there's less of us. Brilliant.
Roddenberry was more that happy to drop the TOS uniforms in TMP. OTOH, the Abrams team actually brought them back and are using them in the film. Not for every scene but they are there, just as they were in ST09. Showing a variety of uniforms and costumes isn't a bad thing. TOS had several variations and we saw the crew out of uniform from time to time. The movies did the same thing. You're trying way to hard to find things to complain about.

As I and others have said before, Star Trek is a lot of things and the previous film and this one has used several of those things. I can't speak for others in this thread, but I'm a fan of most of Star Trek. TOS and DS9 are my favorite TV incarnations, while TWOK, TVH and ST09 are my favorite films. People aren't saying Trek was terrible, just that the rating started sliding after TNG. That's a fact. It's not a reflection on what ever quality those incarnations of Star Trek may have, but of diminishing popularity.

TOS became popular because people liked it, not because of some geek minority. The movies also became popular because a wide variety of people went to see them, not just a geek minority. TNG became popular because a wide variety of people watched it. You need to understand this and acceptrd it. New Star Trek will only be produced if it is successful with a wide variety of people. So no, our opinions do not matter. And just because you like certain aspects of Star Trek ( real or imagined) it doesn't make you more intelligent, culturally superior or sophisticated than someone who has a different opinion or is a "casual".
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