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Re: The STAR TREK III-Love & Appreciation Thread

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No, actually it is anything but tepid, sorry. And it is shot very well for a budget constrained film and a first time director not yet let loose with ultimate control. I think Nimoy's track record speaks for itself.
I guess I gotta go back on what I said above.

"Nimoy's track record" includes a film so bad it nearly went unreleased (it underwent such extreme editing that one of the movie's stars, the late Farrah Fawcett, was cut entirely), a very successful yet for me unwatchable remake of a French film, a well-intended family drama that probably should have debuted on Lifetime instead of being shown in theaters, and the two least watchable -- well, I'll be fair here, least REwatchable -- TOS films.

Oh yeah, and a TJ Hooker episode. Meyer's career includes a lot of crap too, but with TWOK he delivered a genuine VISION (like it or not) instead of just miring his film in Vulcan-centric lore. SFS has heart, I'll grant you that. It just squanders so much goodwill that it becomes infuriating as it goes on & on, especially when the show relies on nuttiness like beaming down to an unstable planet as an escape measure, which has to rank below how Matt Decker tried to save his crew.

The budget-constrained thing doesn't hold water either. It cost more than TWOK, yet has many VERY similar sequences, all of which play out in a much inferior fashion, due in large part to the lack of variety in camera angles and editing (you can't improve a picture with fancy cutting if there isn't anything fresh to cut TO.) Run the sneak attack scene from TWOK with the sound off ... it still works, very snappy. Run the BoP sneaking up on Ent scene from SFS silent ... you'll probably be asleep before the thing starts to decloak. SFS relies on the music like a crutch to make up for a lack of cinematic appeal, whereas the TWOK music just EMBELLISHES on what they had shot, which is as it should be.

Designwise, the film pretty much sabotages the whole Starfleet design ethic with that idiot mushroom dock and ultra-modern cafeteria. The Excelsior bridge looks like it could have been done with castoffs from the 2nd season of BUCK ROGERS on the back wall.
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