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^ Everybody dreams. But not everyone remembers their dreams naturally.
That's what I said, is it not?
And actually, recent research seems to indicate some people don't.
Yes, I wasn't disputing that--I was just emphasizing the fact that everyone does dream as a set up for what I was saying next.

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There are ways to coax yourself into remembering them, though. Plenty of stuff on the Internet if you search around.
Not that interested, tbh; I just wanted to call you guys weird ; so keep coming with the weird stories.
Why not? Dreams are amazing things. They are a form of subconscious communication with yourself. They tap into emotions you haven't deal with, so if you actively address them you can help assuage unresolved issues. Studies have shown that pleasant dreaming improves your mood upon awakening.
Remembering Ensign Mallory.
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