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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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The Inner Light puts me to sleep and The Visitor is only slightly stronger. I like my Trek to be entertaining first and foremost.
The Inner Light balances intelligent, imaginative sci-fi/fantasy and moving character drama perfectly. It's my ideal type of Trek.

One of the big reasons the TNG films suck, is that they made Picard more like Kirk.
Except The Inner Light had nothing really to do with the world of Star Trek after Picard went comatose. Even in that fantasy recreation, he gave up trying to get back to Star Fleet after a few years and basically forgot all about the UFP, StarFleet, the Enterprise, etc.

(I also have an issue with the fact that Picard lived DECADES of a life in that recreation; yet, afterwards, somehow, he's supposed to have retained that entire memory of the alien culture and his life there; yet obviously had no problems getting right back to his current Star Fleet functionality EVEN THOUGH for him, a lifetime had passed. After something like that, were Star Fleet realistically portrayed he probably should/would have been relieved of Command for some months or years while they checked his out for any mental/physical damage/effects.)

The episode was more Twilight Zone or Outer Limits than something suited for Star Trek. I've never understood what people see in the episode myself.
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