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Re: Critical care: Satire on socialized medicine?

The term "socialized medicine" is a meaningless rhetorical construct designed to instil fear and loathing in people thanks to a vague and utterly illusionary reference to communist ideology. Those of us who have always lived in a system where health care is provided by the state to all as a matter of course, not the patient's ability to pay or social status, roll their eyes when it comes up. A couple of years ago I had a severe headache with visual distortions that were consistent with a stroke. I was taken to a hospital where I had a CT scan within 30 minutes. For free. A friend of mine recently DID have a stroke, spent a week in hospital, and four months in rehab. For free. I am on the waiting list for a hip replacement -- yes there's a wait because it is elective, not emergency surgery. When I get it, the 3.5 hour surgical procedure and follow-up physiotherapy will be ... you guessed it. Free. If that's socialism, bring it on.

I THINK that's the entire point of Critical Care. That health care should be provided on the basis of need, not ability to pay, social status or the profit interests of shareholders.

Recommended watching: Michael Moore's "Sicko."
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