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Re: ultimate reasoning behind prime directive ?

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I haven't heard this story of the boy getting suspended because he made a gun. Was it a real gun capable of actually harming someone or a toy gun?

And if it's a toy gun, does it look enough like a real gun to cause a panic? And, did he bring it to school? These are all important. Using a real gun at a shooting range: Harmless. Making a fake gun that looks real and bringing it into school = Yelling 'Bomb' on a plane.
This does not belong here. Were you in the wrong forum?
I'll answer and let the mods decide. The boy made a gun with his first finger and thumb.

The relation to the subject of Trek is: someone said the 'no-tolerance' (on paper) application of the PD is considered 'liberalism' gone mad. And he asked, but is it liberal or conservative.

And I responded with a different, current, no-tolerance policy and asked *is* that a liberal or a conservative policy? I can understand why the mods wouldn't want political topics to infect Trek threads, but:

1) I've been here a very short time, but SO FAR...everyone seems to be adults.

2) I think the idea of Trek being a reflection of American politics is a valid one worthy of discussion. Sometimes TNG and Voyager DID seem like 'no-tolerance' gone wild.

And while 87-01 isn't really current times...TNG did have the ability to forecast future events. See "The Drumhead"...I would be amazed if that were made today.
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