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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

^From what I've heard, one of the main complaints about the game has consistently been "the end-game content is arse." Indeed, I've heard from countless sources that the only real attraction is the story...which from what I gather pretty much ends when you hit Lv50.

Either way, the fact remains that (depending on how many characters you have) most of you time playing this game will probably be spent on levelling and because of the restrictions, F2P players are likely to spend more time doing this than subs.
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The bizarre thing about it is that if you're a subscriber, you're essentially paying for the privilege of not having to play the boring parts of the game as much as those that do so for free.
Fixed it to make sense on why you pay.
I'll let that slide this time, but in future you should know I find that kind of thing to be very irritating and extremely obnoxious. Please don't do it again.
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